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Surrender of Indian Passport / Renunciation of Indian Citizenship

Under the Indian law, Persons of Indian Origin who have acquired foreign nationality are required to surrender their Indian passports to the nearest Indian Mission/Post immediately after acquisition of foreign citizenship.

The grace period(maximum three months) is only for such cases when foreign citizenship has been acquired but a foreign passport is not available to the person.

Retention of Indian Passport for more than 3 years, reissue of Passport and obtaining Miscellaneous service on Passports after obtaining foreign nationality as well as travel after grace period attract penalties.


For those who acquired foreign nationality on or after 01.06.2010:


Renunciation Fee 

KD 52.00


KD 1.00


Penalty for each reissue-passport

KD 159.00

Penalty for retention of passport beyond 3 years

KD 64.00

Penalty for travel on Indian Passport

KD 64.00 subject to max KD 318.00

Requirements for issue of Surrender Certificate

• Applicants are required to do onetime registration at https://embassy.passportindia.gov.in/ (Passport Seva at Indian Embassies and Consulates) and create a USER ID
• Login using the newly created USER ID and fill in the user-friendly application form online at the same portal
• After submitting the form online, take a print out of the application.
• Affix recent photograph (size 35mm X 45mm) with plain white background and the dress in preferably in colour offering contrast with background for clarity at designated place.
• Photocopy of the foreign Passport.
• Photocopy of the Indian Passport with all visa pages.
• Original Indian Passport .
• Civil ID.
• Naturalization Certificate.
• Photocopies of Passports and Civil ID of the witness with original passport.

Please Note:
• Applicant has to come in person.
• The Applicant must produce Passport, Civil ID or any other related document in original for verification.
• All copies of documents should be self attested (sign & date).
• Additional documents may be needed for verification depending upon the documents submitted.