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Procedure for Registration of Marriage in the Embassy

in case a ceremony of marriage has been performed between the parties in Kuwait.

(Registration of Marriages Celebrated in Other Forms)

  1. Both the individuals are required to submit an application addressed to the Marriage Officer, Embassy of India, Kuwait, requesting for registration of their marriage, along with a copy of their passport, ceremony of marriage and civil identity card, and 4 photographs (each). The application should include the facts that
    • a ceremony of marriage has been performed between the parties and they are living together as husband and wife ever since;
    • neither party has at the time of registration more than one living spouse;
    • neither party is idiot or a lunatic at the time of registration;
    • the parties have completed the age of twenty one years at the time of registration;
    • the parties are not within the degrees of prohibited relationship
    • the parties are residing within the jurisdiction of the Marriage Officer (i.e. Kuwait)
  2. 1. To collect a copy of “NOTICE’ from the Embassy”, for publication in a local news paper and an Indian newspaper (published in their place of permanent resident) ;
  3. . To publish the Notice in the same format in a newspapers, in Kuwait, in India, (in the place of their permanent residence) and in third country, in case one of the party is a foreign national (in his/her country of permanent residence), as the case may be.
  4. To submit one copy of the notice, published in the newspapers, in the Embassy;
  5. To approach the marriage officer, to fix the date and time for the registration of the marriage;
  6. The marriage can be registered after 30 days from the date of last publication of the notice in the newspapers;
  7. On the day of registration of marriage, both the parties are required to be present with their passport and three Indian nationals, as witnesses to the registration of their marriage, with a copy of their passport and civil identity card;
  8. They are required to pay the requisite consular fee.