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Press Release on Know India Programme

Since 2004, the Government of India has been organizing “Know India Programmes” (KIPs) for the Indian youth diaspora in the age group of 18-30, with an objective to connect them with their motherland and to give them an exposure to various aspects of contemporary India’s Art, Culture and heritage. KIP is of 25 days duration together with 10 days tour to one or two partner States in India.

2. Government of India has decided to organize 6 KIPs during the financial year 2019-20. Out of these 6 KIPs, three Programmes have already been announced on the KIP portal on 30th May 2019 (https://kip.gov.in/). The schedule of these KIPs is as under:-

S. No. No. of KIP Partner State Duration of the whole KIP in India Schedule for visiting Partner State Last date for online submission of applications on KIP Portal.
1 54th KIP Punjab, and Haryana 1st August to 25th August , 2019 Punjab – 6 August to 10th August, 2019; & Haryana -10th August to 15th August, 2019. 30th June, 2019
2 55th KIP Goa 3rd September to 27th September, 2019. 7th September to 16th September, 2019 30th July, 2019
3 56th KIP Kerala 1st October to 25th October, 2019. 5th October to 14th October, 2019. 30th August, 2019

3. For complete information, interested participants may please visit the KIP website and apply accordingly on KIP portal -https://kip.gov.in/. Kuwait