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Know India Programme (KIP)

Know India Programme (KIP) of the Ministry of External Affairs is a three-week orientation programme for youths (between the ages of 18-30 years) of Indian origin (excluding Non-Resident Indians) conducted with a view to promoting awareness on different facets of life in India and the progress made by the country in various fields. KIP provides a unique forum for students & young professionals of Indian origin to visit India, share their views, expectations & experiences and to develop closer bonds with contemporary India.

Ministry of External Affairs of India has launched 49th to 52nd KIPs. Registration for 49th to 52nd KIPs are open and interested participants can register themselves at: https://kip.gov.in/home/register. The applicant should not have participated in any previous KIP or Internship Programme for Diaspora Youth, Study India Programme of MEA or any other programme organized and paid for by MEA or any other Ministry/Department of Government of India or a State Government in India. Minimum qualification required is graduation (Bachelor’s degree) from a recognized university/institute or enrolled for graduation.

For complete information, please visit KIP website at: https://kip.gov.in.