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FAQs on Passport/PCC Services

Q. 10: What are the requirements for getting a Passport for new born baby?

Ans: Firstly, the parents should register the birth of the newly born baby at the Birth Registration Office, Ministry of Health, and Government of Kuwait and obtain an Arabic Birth Card (Green Card).

The birth of every child born in the Country of Kuwait to Indian parent(s) is required to be registered with the Embassy of India, Kuwait within one year from the Date of Birth.

Once Registration of Birth is done, Embassy will issue a Birth Certificate. Given name of the child will be entered in the Embassy Birth Register, Birth Certificate and Passport as per the name mentioned in the Arabic Birth Card.

Parts of name mentioned in the Arabic Birth Card could be split in to Given Name and Surname OR Family Name/Father’s Name, etc., could also be added as Surname, if the Parent/s so desire, by giving an undertaking in the prescribed format at the Embassy.

Kindly note that Birth Register is a permanent record and it is not possible to make corrections in the Birth Register and Records time and again. Therefore, any such addition/correction may be carefully considered before applying for the same, since further/later changes cannot be made in the Birth Register/Birth Certificate. Any applications for further correction of name in the Passport of the child at a later stage shall be accepted only after the said correction is done in the Arabic Birth Card.

It is essential that spouse name is endorsed in the Passport of at least one of the parents, before registration of birth of the child. In the case of recently married couple, if spouse name is not endorsed in the Passport of either of the parents, a duly attested Marriage Certificate (attestation from Home Department of the concerned State + MEA/Branch Office/RPO attestation) is required.

However, if one/both parent/s have renewed his/her Passport after Marriage, it is mandatory that change in Marital Status and Spouse Name addition has been done in such renewed Passport. Please note that Suppression of material information (marital status) in Passport renewal application, is an offence under Section 10 (3) (b) read together with section 12 (1) (b) of the Passports Act.

The parents should apply for Registration of Birth of the child and for issuance of Birth Certificate, for which application has to be submitted at one of the BLS Outsourcing Centers of the Embassy.

Documentary Requirements:

Birth Registration and Birth Certificate from Embassy:

  1. Original Birth Card of the child should be attested by M/o Foreign Affairs, Kuwait.
  2. Translation of Birth Card from the Authorized Translation Center.
  3. If either of the parents hold nationality other than India, then a No-Objection Certificate is required from that respective Embassy.
  4. Copy of Registration of birth of child on Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) website (https://indiancitizenshiponline.nic.in).
  5. Original passports of both parents, duly attested Marriage Certificate, as required.
  6. Request letter regarding Surname for New born baby in Birth Certificate and Passport.
  7. To issue Passport to a minor child, Declaration/Consent of both the parents in the form of Annexure-‘D’ is required.
  8. Photocopy of the Passports, Civil ID/Residence Page of both parents, Photocopy of the Birth Card and Translation of Birth Card.
  9. If parent has renewed Passport after marriage, with suppression of marital status/ Spouse name, he/she has to apply for renewal of Passport with Spouse Name addition.
  10. For exceptional cases like parents of children born out of wedlock, single parent cases, etc., please contact Embassy of India(Consular Section) Kuwait for details of requirements.