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Business Visa

1. Original Passport (valid for a minimum period of six months at the time of issuance of visa ).

2. Copy of Passport.

3. Two recent Passport size photographs with white background.

4. Visa Application Form, duly completed.

5. Copy of Kuwaiti Civil ID.

6. A letter of request from a business establishment in Kuwait and letter of invitation from Indian Company.

7. Proof of financial status of the applicant or the company (Bank statement for the last three months showing sufficient balance).

8. NOTE: Visa application for Business visa will also be vetted by the Commercial Wing of the Embassy, if necessary.


1. Three Months/Single Entry KD 37.000

2. Six Months/Multiple Entry KD 37.000

3. One year/Multiple Entry KD 37.000

Apply Online at www.indianvisaonline.gov.in

Business visa for Recruitment of Manpower from India

1. Visa application form duly filled in with two photographs. Passport (with one photo copy)

2. Visa Application Form, duly completed.

3. Letter from the company requesting visa for the applicant.

4. Applicant's Kuwaiti Civil ID copy

5. Letter of Invitation from Indian company/Agency.

6. Letter of attestation from the Labour wing of Indian Embassy, Kuwait.

7. Salary offered by the company to the Indian workers (category wise) proposed to be recruited.

8. Correspondence with recruiting agent (s) (complete address, tel/fax. Numbers/Email address of the agent in India).

9. List of addresses of recruitment agents in India whose services the company utilized in past or propose to utilize in near future.

10. Copy of Registration Certificate of the sponsoring company.

[Note: The applicant himself has to come for interview, if required, in the Embassy by Visa Officer. The visa application thereafter will be processed in the Embassy which may take 4-7 days.


1. Three Months/Single Entry KD 38.000

2. Six Months/Multiple Entry KD 38.000

3. One year/Multiple Entry KD 38.000

Apply Online at www.indianvisaonline.gov.in